Uniformed Officer Walks Into Outback Steakhouse With Wife, What Happens Next Has Conservatives Outraged

Obviously, a lot of bad things happened during the Obama years. We could fill the Library of Congress with examples of things that went wrong during those 8 years and most of it has been talked about pretty extensively so there’s no need to relitigate it.

However, one of the effects of the Obama years that we are still trying to get a handle on is the demonization of law enforcement. Liberals hate talking about it but there’s just no argument that Obama politicized a lot of high profile police cases and he always sided against the police officer involved.

It all started back when Obama first took office and he publicly stated that the police officer involved in the Henry Louis Gates incident “acted stupidly” before he had any idea what happened. Turned out that Obama was completely wrong and the three of them ended up having a beer in what was arguably the lamest PR stunt in the history of the world.


From Breitbart:

A uniformed law enforcement officer was asked to leave a Cleveland, Tennessee, Outback Steakhouse restaurant on Friday because he was carrying his service pistol on his hip.

The Outback restaurant manager said the officer needed to leave because the restaurant is a “gun free zone.”

Here’s the officer’s version of what happened.


A lot of things going on here.

First of all, give me a break on the whole gun free zone thing.  Oh, so I guess my constitutional rights don’t matter if I’m inside Outback Steakhouse? Good to know. Not to mention the fact that gun free zones don’t only fail to stop mass shooting but they make them easier.

Second of all, would any manager that respects law enforcement make a move like this?

We get it. Rules are rules and technically the manager is supposed to enforce the rules. But what about decency and reason? Clearly, this was a situation where you can make an exception. This officer was in uniform having dinner with his wife.

If a uniformed police officer walked into a place where you were eating dinner would that make you feel more safe or less safe?

If your answer is less safe then you have some serious homework to do about guns, crime, and the police.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]