Show This to Your Liberal Friends Who Say ‘Trump Is Racist’ and Shut Them Up for Good

We’ve heard it a million times. Trump doesn’t care about black people. Trump is racist. Trump is only looking out for his rich white friends. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. It doesn’t jive with reality at all. Trump has a long and documented career of helping black people wherever he can. People like to forget he was friends with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson until he ran for president as a Republican.

But, the liberal left is completely devoid of ideas. So, they rely on childish arguments about racism and pretend Trump is “crazy”.

Let them do that. Let them waste their time with poorly sourced books filled with gossip and ridiculous Russia investigations. In the meantime, the adults in the room are getting some really amazing things done.

The truth of the matter is that a rising tide lifts all boats.  Trump’s booming economy is that rising tide.  It’s lifting all boats and making life a lot better for the minorities that Trump allegedly hates.

The great John Nolte has the details.

From Breitbart:

In the month of December, the unemployment rate for black Americans dropped to just 6.8 percent, which is the lowest ever recorded. Prior to this month, the previous record was 7.4 percent in 2000.

The Hispanic unemployment rate remains at a near record low of just 4.9 percent, up just a bit from the record of 4.7 percent in November of last year.

That must make Trump furious! All those black Americans being helped.

If Trump is a racist then he’s the worst racist ever.

The reality of the situation is that Trump did better in 2016 with blacks and Hispanics than Romney did in 2012.

From NBC News:

Donald Trump performed stronger among black and Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did as the Republican nominee in 2012, according to NBC Exit Polls.

Tuesday’s exit poll results have not yet been finalized but so far they show Trump outmatching Romney by two points in each voting bloc.

Trump claimed 29 percent of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012. With blacks, exit polls show Trump claimed 8 percent of the vote to the previous Republican nominee’s 6 percent.

How many liberals on the street do you think know those numbers?

I’m going to guess not many.

Here’s more of Trump being racist.

From Real Clear Politics:

Donald Trump met with black and hispanic Republican leaders, including Pastor Mark Burns and Dr. Ben Carson, on Thursday at Trump Tower in NYC.

Trump said that he had made outreach to African-Americans a “focal point” of his campaign; “And we are making it a very important part of our speeches and of our thought process.”

“It’s got to be everybody or we don’t have a great country,” Trump said. “But a very important part of the message for me is the African-American community because they have really been let down by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.”

It’s going to be really nice getting back to a point where Americans are Americans after 8 years of Obama telling Americans they are defined by the color of their skin, who they sleep with, or what gender they are.

Props to President Trump.

Things are looking up. For everyone.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]