Israel Draws Line In the Sand, Tells Illegal Immigrants to Take This Ticket Home or Go to Prison

It’s really strange how weak the United States has been on immigration all these years. Plenty of countries across the world take immigration way more seriously than we do and yet they aren’t called racist.  What in the world is our excuse?

Take Mexico for example.

Pretty stark contrast there.

Now, we are learning a little more about how Israel handles the situation.

Spoiler alert: they don’t mess around.

From BizPac Review:

The Israeli government said Wednesday that it would pay thousands of African migrants living in the country illegally to return to their home countries, warning that they face jail time if they don’t leave by spring 2018.

Details of the plan were outlined by Israel’s interior minister, Arye Deri, and the public security minister, Gilad Erdan. Illegal immigrants in Israel have “two options only: voluntary deportation or sitting in prison,” the ministers said, according to the Guardian.

Under the repatriation plan, Israel will offer the migrants $3,500 payments and free airline tickets to return home or to “third countries,” likely Rwanda and Uganda. After March, the government will begin to detain remaining illegal immigrants that do not have pending asylum applications.

Free ticket home. Or jail. Pretty simple.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a little tougher on immigration?

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with this DACA deal. If Republicans can end chain migration and get the wall built in that deal that’s going to make a world of difference on the immigration front.

According to Trump, that’s absolutely what the plan is.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump doubled down Thursday on his demand for any immigration bill that codifies an Obama-era immigration program to include funding for his promised wall along the southwest border, even as Democrats continue to argue that such a provision is a non-starter.

“We need a physical border wall. We’re going to have a wall — remember that, we’re going to have a wall — to keep out deadly drug dealers, dangerous traffickers and violent criminal cartels. Mexico’s having a tremendous problem with crime and we want to keep it out of our country,” Trump told Republican senators during a meeting at the White House on Thursday.

“That’s why our position has been clear, and very clear from the beginning. Any legislation on DACA must secure the border with a wall, it must give our immigration officers the resources they need to stop illegal immigration and also to stop visa overstays and, crucially, the legislation must end chain migration,” the president added. “It must end the visa lottery. Dangerous, and I think many of the Democrats agree with us on that now.”

Hopefully, this comes to fruition.

Trump has made some big strides when it comes to immigration that have flown under the radar. Ultimately, he has to get this wall built. He knows that. The liberal media is doing everything it can to break up Trump’s base and convince them to give up.  Don’t buy into it. They are clearly aware that Trump’s first year was a huge success and they will do whatever it takes to distract Trump voters. This ridiculous Michael Wolff dumpster fire is a perfect example. The left is throwing whatever they can against the wall praying it sticks. That’s a good sign of what’s to come.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]